Elektra Steel at the American Craft Council Show

Last weekend, the Elektra Steel Geo Vase was featured in the American Craft Council Show in San Francisco! 

Bay Area architect and designer Gustave Carlson was asked by the American Craft Council to design a showroom in the exhibition titled, "Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft." Each of the four rooms had a different theme -- earth, air, fire, and water -- and Gustave designed the air-themed room. He reached out to me to see if I would be interested in contributing a piece for it! I've admired Gustave's work for a long time now, so I was honored to be included.

Check out more photos of Gustave's showroom at the American Craft Council Show below. And if you're curious about how I made the Geo Vase, don't miss the step-by-step Instructables article I published earlier this week.

Special thanks to Reed Zelezny for taking these killer photos since I wasn't able to attend in person!