Photo Styling with Interior Designer Noz Nozawa

Whether you're setting up a shop or doing online dating, you probably already know that it's important to have good photos. I was vaguely aware of this the first time I picked up a DSLR camera about a year ago. But now that I've gone through a few different rounds of product photography, I'm blown away by just how much of a difference it makes! My photos have improved dramatically over the last year, and I'm actually starting to enjoy the whole process! 

My most recent shoot was extra fun because I had some help from interior designer Noz Nozawa! She and I met a few months ago through Makeshift Society, which is a coworking space and community for Bay Area creatives. We bonded quickly over our shared background: Ivy League educations, tech marketing jobs, and finally, venturing out on our own. 

Noz's whole portfolio is beautiful, but her own home in Hayes Valley is insane -- charcoal walls, marble surfaces, and quirky accents and art. I'd been drooling over it ever since it was featured on Curbed last fall. So when Noz offered to let me photograph some of my pieces in her gorgeous apartment, I jumped at the chance!

I packed up my camera gear and my latest pieces in a couple suitcases, and headed over to her place. She made me feel at home, and let me rearrange pretty much anything I wanted so that I could get beautiful, clean shots. 

After experimenting a bit, I eventually got in the zone and played around with different ways of styling each piece. I even got some new ideas for how my pieces could be used! For instance, I'd always imagined the Marble Strip Stand as part of a vanity arrangement. But when I saw Noz's extensive (and beautiful!) whiskey collection, I realized the stand would make for a nice bar accessory!

Check out the photos from the shoot below. And if you like anything you see, head over to the shop to purchase it! (I finally set up a fully-functional e-commerce shop, yay!)

Huge thank-you to Noz for her encouragement, inspiration, and for sharing her space with me!