Nesting Tables: Elektra Steel x Nicole Sweeney

This set of triangular nesting tables was a fun collaboration with woodworker Nicole Sweeney, and I think it might actually be the coolest thing I've ever made. Nicole and I designed the piece together, she made the rad geometric tops out of wood, and I welded steel bases for each of the three tables. We'll be debuting it tonight at the FUTURES show at 1015 Folsom in SF! And if you love it as much as I do, it can be yours!

Nicole and I actually only met a month ago, which seems crazy, given how close we've become since then! We were both selected to show our work at the FUTURES show, and we met at the walk-through for the event in mid-December. We struck up a conversation, took a quick look at each other's Instagrams (see here and here), and fell in love. As we were leaving, Nicole casually asked, "Hey, wanna collaborate on a project sometime?" 

Over the next few weeks, we texted ideas and sketches back and forth. Nicole's specialty is making beautiful, geometric wall hangings out of wood, and we thought it would be fun to turn her signature triangular pieces into a set of nesting tables. She came up with a striking pattern for the table tops, and I designed a simple set of bases that would complement the bold tops. 

Working with Nicole was magical. Not only did we work well together, but we also became fast friends -- we shared meals and coffees, met each other's partners, and discovered that we had a lot of the same passions (road biking, camping, yoga). 

We're also in similar stages in our careers. It's been so helpful to talk through business and creative challenges together. Turning one's art into a business is an emotional roller coaster, and having someone who both inspires and coaches you is such a gift! My studio mate Jeff from Krakatoa Design has played this role in my life for the last year, and I'm so grateful to now have two buddies who are going through the same things that I am! The three of us are already fantasizing about the kickass metal and wood shop we're going to share one day...

Come see our Nesting Tables in person tonight at the FUTURES show! We'll be at 1015 Folsom in SF from 7-11pm tonight. Tickets are $20 in advance; $25 at the door. And if you'd like to buy the set of tables, we're selling it for $1500!

Let me know what you think of our nesting tables! I have a feeling that this won't be the last Elektra Steel x Nicole Sweeney collab, so if you have ideas for what we should make next, leave me a note in the comments section!